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With the objective of building a brand, a company hires a brand agency and an advertising agency or a creative agency offering both the services. The launch is done with the help of a brand agency. While, after having its launched, it is advertised to create the demand. Advertising agency plays its role even during the launch process. Even the launch needs great coverage to emerge out loud. So, the working of a brand agency and an advertising agency go hand in hand. They have different roles to play. Here is a brief insight into the key roles played by both differently.

Role of a brand agency

The brand agency employs strategy and planning for the launch. A brand is a resultant of the business strategy of any company. The launch campaign's success depends upon the space occupied by advertisements.

Role of an advertising agency

An advertising agency employs tactics to boost sales with increased coverage. It has a major role in creating demand for the product. More are places and spaces advertisements can occupy, more is the coverage offered to the brand. It focuses on communicating with potential customers through various promotional marketing methods. An advertisement is the voice and picture of the brand. Making it promising is the challenge for the agency.


The major difference between a brand agency and an advertising agency is in its focus and objectives. While the majority role of a brand agency is in the pre-launch period, the major role of an advertising agency starts after launch. It has to maintain sustenance of the brand in the market by regular advertisements to generate and keep up the trust.

The performance of the brand depends upon the trust and the promise it has been able to develop. This is done with the help of an advertising agency.